• Welcome to Ginni's

    Since the beginning, Ginni's has focussed on sourcing high quality products from around the globe and takes great pride in the range of nuts...

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  • Gift of Ginni's!

    Delightful assortments of nuts, dried fruits and sweets in deluxe gift trays. An ideal and memorable gift for any occasion and the perfect party platter. Simply too tasty to put down!

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  • Customise your own

    Design your own customised Celebration Selection from a variety of Ginni's nuts, dried fruits, snacks and sweets! Choose your selection of 8 products.

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  • Ginni's Nuts

    A wide variety of highest quality nuts in attractive packaging from all over the world, including healthy mix, pistachio and roasted/salted cashews.

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  • Ginni's Snacks

    We have a full variety of tasty treats in the Ginni product range, including toasted corn, japanese rice crackers, bombay mix, sesame cakes, potato hoops, bacon bites and onion rings.

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  • Ginni's Popcorn

    We have a full variety of popular Popcorn including Toffee Popcorn, Salted Popcorn and Sweet Popcorn. Try some today!

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  • GInni's Sweets

    Jellies, Fizzy Sweets, Boiled Sweets, Liquorice, Chocolate Sweets, Kiddy's Mix, Marshmallows and many more..... Ginni’s offers an extensive and exciting range of sweet treats!

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 Nuts and Dried Fruits- Ginni's

Cashew Nuts, Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts, Spicy Cashews, Dried Fruits, Nut Mixes and more...

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Ginni's Popcorn

Try our popular Salted Popcorn, Sweet Popcorn and Toffee Popcorn and a new flavour...Strawberry Popcorn!

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SnacksTasty seasoned snacks from around the world including Bombay Mix, Sesame Cakes, Japanese Rice Crackers, Pork Scratchings and Toasted Corn!

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 Ginni's Sweets

Jelly Sweets, Fizzy Sweets, Liquorice, Choccies, Marshmallows, Traditional Sweets, Sugar Free Sweets...choose from our wide range of mouth-watering candy!

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 Ginni's Crisps

Bacon Bites, Tangy Cheese Puffs, Cheese Balls, Chilli Lemon Hoops and Onion Rings...tasty crunchy snacks for all tastes!

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                                                                     CELEBRATION SELECTIONS

 Luxury gift trays of nuts, dried fruits and sweets
Luxury gift trays of nuts, dried fruits and sweets...a gorgeous gifting option and perfect party platters!  

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Food for thought...Visit https://ginnisukblog.wordpress.com/ for fun facts, recipes and tips about our nuts, snacks and sweets!

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