Nut Roast Ideas for December


We love a good nut roast here at Ginni's and December is the perfect time to experiment with some fresh ideas and new recipes. Here are some fantastic recipes we've found from around the internet. 

Which is your favourite? 

Middle Eastern Nut Roast

This recipe is so quirky and cool, perfect if you're trying to impress! Adding in middle eastern herbs and spices is a great way to put a twist on this classic! 

Nut and Spinach Roast

A sprinkling of your favourite nuts, with some classic spinach flavour - it's no wonder this is a winning choice! Add some mushroom gravy to top it off! 

Carrot and Cashew Roast

Carrots and Cashews are the perfect combination, and this recipe is seriously delicious. Those crunchy, salty cashews are the perfect base for any nut loaf. 

Sweet Potato, Chestnut and Apricot Nut Roast

If you love the balance of sweet and savoury then this nut roast is the best option for you! The sweet potato and apricots are deliciously sweet, and the crunch of chestnuts adds a yummy balance to the recipe. 


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