It’s time to enjoy that long awaited beer - but why do we reach for nuts and nibbles? This got us thinking about formulating the ideal snack recipe by combining taste and science, to complement the nation’s favourite beverage.

Heart health

Did you know that nuts boost good cholesterol, HDL, and lower bad cholesterol, LDL?  Combined with the blood thinning properties of alcohol, this combo of beer and nuts can help with your heart health!

Swedish researchers have also found that the fat and fibre in nuts slow down the absorption of alcohol, helping you out if you have had one too many!


Hops are added to beer which can be quite bitter.  Salt in nuts helps to balance out the bitter taste of hops.  The tannins in beer can also create a dry mouth and the natural fats in nuts help to lubricate the mouth so that you enjoy your beer.

Ginni’s Beer Nuts

So there you go, some science to back up the popular pairing of nuts and beer. 

At Ginni’s we have launched  2 beer nut products:

Ginni’s is the first to offer a top secret recipe of a spicy assortment of peanuts, toasted corn, cashews and rice crackers seasoned perfectly to pair with your beer.  So that means, spicy, salty, sweet, tangy, crunchy and nutty all in one amazing snack! 

We also offer the traditional roasted and salted beer nuts.  Perfectly roasted and salted peanuts with skins for that traditional satisfying flavour.

A combination of these tastes is also said to help boost digestion making them so incredibly more’ish. 

You can also subscribe monthly to our “Beer Time” box which has these delicious beer nuts, pork scratchings, pork crunch and biltong - happy snacking!

Simply too tasty to put down!


For those looking to lose weight, snacking is often seen as something to avoid – unnecessary extra food that goes straight to our bellies. However, the right kind of snack can work as an effective energy boost and pick-me-up that’ll stop us from binging when mealtime finally comes around.


Ginni’s are a UK-based company who specialise in delivering a wide range of high-quality nuts and seeds, as well as other delicious snacks to the UK. Are you snacking the right way? Read on to find out.


1.     Snacks that are high in proteinprotein-rich snacks such as nuts will help you to feel fuller for longer and limit cravings throughout the day. Many studies have associated high protein food with a lessened appetite, caused by decreased levels of ghrelin, the so-called “hunger hormone”. 


2.     Don’t snack after 9pm – at night, your metabolism slows down. Eating this close to bedtime gives your body less opportunity to digest the food that’s in your stomach, meaning you’ll be more likely to gain fat. 


3.     Eliminate distractions – when you’re enjoying your food, you should be doing just that. Watching TV or playing on your phone at the same time can actually cause you to eat significantly more food than you need since you’re not actively listening to your body or savouring your meal. 


4.     Cut back on sugary drinks – Nutritionists advise that you should eat, rather than drink, the majority of your calories. This is because food contains fats and fibre that are essential to keeping hunger pangs at bay. 


5.     Clean out your junk food – replacing unhealthy junk food with more nutritious alternatives will remove temptation and help you to create better habits. Throw out your biscuits for yummy alternatives like fruits, nuts and popcorn for better grazing. 

Ginni Batra
Beer Nuts Close Up 3.JPG

Protein is a wonder-substance when it comes to snacks. Why? It’s nutritious and keeps you feeling fuller for longer, but also promotes muscle-building and features in many of your body’s primary functions. 


Whether you’re fuelling up before an intense gym session or taking a midday boost to get through the afternoon lull, high-protein snacks are a tasty way to fill yourself up and give you some slow-release energy. They’re also a healthier alternative to sugary or carb-heavy options.


Ginni’s are a UK-based company who specialise in delivering a wide range of high-quality nuts and seeds, as well as other delicious snacks. Below, we’re sharing 3 of their favourite tasty, protein-rich snacks.


1.     Nuts and seeds Nuts and seeds are king when it comes to protein. These filling little foods can keep your energy high throughout the day and help to kill those hunger pangs and energy dips. Easy to put in your pocket or packed lunch and incredibly versatile as an ingredient, nuts and seeds can be eaten alone or as part of a larger treat.


2.     Dried fruits – Fruits such as apricots, oranges and peaches aren’t just delicious, they’re also incredibly high in protein. Drying the fruit out condenses all that nutritious goodness into a smaller package that can be snacked on throughout the day to give a hit of energy that supercharges your metabolism.


3.     Popcorn – This one might surprise you, but popcorn is actually a very nutritious snack – one that includes a decent dose of your daily recommended protein intake! Of course, it all depends on the way it’s prepared, but popcorn includes potassium, various vitamins, iron, magnesium and other minerals. It’s also one of the world’s best sources of fibre!


NOW INTRODUCING GINNI’S IN A BOX - A REVOLUTIONARY WAY TO SNACK: We’re amping up the value with our hot new Ginni’s In A Box home delivery subscription service. With different varieties of boxes available, including nuts, wellness, sweets, beer time, party time, and more, it really is the best way to enjoy 10+ FULL SIZED packets direct to your door. With a savings of over 20% compared to buying separately - it’s a no brainer! If you’d prefer to try it before you fully commit, boxes are available for one-off purchases too. Learn more and place your order here!

Check out our online shop for even more snack ideas and to order your protein-fix!

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Top 5 Benefits of Nuts Revealed

Nuts are tasty, convenient and one of the healthiest natural foods out there. Although high in fat, nuts have an impressive number of benefits for overall wellbeing.

Today, we’re sharing some of the biggest benefits of eating nuts! 

1.     A great amount of nutrients – Some nuts are higher in certain nutrients than others, but a good mixture can provide vitamin E, selenium, magnesium and much more, not to mention the fact that they’re loaded with source anti-oxidants, helping to protect against problems such as cell damage and stress. 

2.     They can aid weight loss – Several studies suggest that those who incorporate eating nuts into their diets lose significantly more weight than those who don’t. This is because nuts are filling, are great at replacing more sugary snacks and their complex composition means your body doesn’t absorb all the fat they contain. 

3.     May lower cholesterol – Nuts have impressive cholesterol-lowering abilities thanks to their high content of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. 

4.     Reduce inflammation – Chronic, long-term inflammation can cause numerous health risks, but research suggests that nuts may reduce inflammation, especially in those with diabetes, kidney disease and other long-term conditions.

5.     High in fibre – The right kind of fibre has a wide range of beneficial applications in your body. Nuts, especially almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts, are particularly high in fibre, meaning better gut health, reduced risk of disease and a decrease in calorie absorption.


If you’re ready to indulge in this amazing snack, we’ve got just the thing for you! Visit our shop page to get your order started from our selection of Almonds, Cashews, Beer Nuts, Spicy Nuts & more!

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Nut Roast Ideas for December


We love a good nut roast here at Ginni's and December is the perfect time to experiment with some fresh ideas and new recipes. Here are some fantastic recipes we've found from around the internet. 

Which is your favourite? 

Middle Eastern Nut Roast

This recipe is so quirky and cool, perfect if you're trying to impress! Adding in middle eastern herbs and spices is a great way to put a twist on this classic! 

Nut and Spinach Roast

A sprinkling of your favourite nuts, with some classic spinach flavour - it's no wonder this is a winning choice! Add some mushroom gravy to top it off! 

Carrot and Cashew Roast

Carrots and Cashews are the perfect combination, and this recipe is seriously delicious. Those crunchy, salty cashews are the perfect base for any nut loaf. 

Sweet Potato, Chestnut and Apricot Nut Roast

If you love the balance of sweet and savoury then this nut roast is the best option for you! The sweet potato and apricots are deliciously sweet, and the crunch of chestnuts adds a yummy balance to the recipe. 


    Hello Ginni's
    Nutty Christmas Recipes You'll Love

    If you're more about the nuts than about the meat, then you'll love these nutty recipes we've found - all perfect for Christmas time and enjoying with friends and family. 

    You can (of course) stock up on your nuts by clicking on our shop here, you can make sure you have all the ingredients you need to cook some delicious festive treats!

    Fruit and Nut Chocolate Buttons

    If you're after something delicious and sweet, and easy too, then these little chocolate buttons are a great option for your Christmas feast! 

    Peppermint Chocolate Crunch Bars

    These minty, crunchy peppermint bars remind us of after eight chocolates, and are a fun twist on the festive classic! Make this for any mint-lovers, they're quick, easy and seriously delicious! 

    Sage and Apricot Nut Roast

    Something savoury for those without a sweet tooth! A nut roast is a classic choice for vegetarians and vegans on Christmas Day, and we think you'll love this recipe! 

    Butternut Roast

    If a nut roast isn't quite your cup of tea, then this butternut roast is a great alternative. It's a twist on a nut roast, but still with all the delicious flavours. 


    Ginni Batra
    3 Delicious Popcorn Recipes You'll Want to Try Tonight

    There's nothing quite like a bowl of popcorn on a Friday night... But have you ever thought of getting a little more creative with your movie snacks? Don't abandon the popcorn just yet... What we're suggesting, is to get creative with it! Here are some super fun recipes with popcorn as the star ingredient - you'll want to turn every night into a movie night if it means you get to try out these popcorn recipes!

    Popcorn Rocky Road

    Check out this amazing recipe from the blog 'From The Larder' - it's a delicious twist on a tradition treat, and you'll definitely want to give it a whirl!

    Image credit

    Easy Caramel Corn

    This recipe from 'Something Swanky' is nice and easy! It'll only take a few ingredients and a few monutes to prepare - but your friends will definitely have snack envy!

    Image credit.

    Salted Caramel Popcorn Cheesecake

    If you want to pull out all the stops for your movie snack and really 'wow' the room, then this epic cheesecake is going to be number one on your list! Creamy and delicious, but with the added crunch of popcorn - sounds pretty perfect doesn't it!

    Image credit. 

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    4 Reasons We Love Cashew Nuts

    Cashew Nuts are one of our biggest selling products on Ginni's - so we wanted to dig a little deeper into why. These little nuts are full of amazing health benefits, so it's no wonder so many of our customers stock up on them regularly! Let's take a look at those health benefits...

    Lower fat than most nuts.

    Cashews actually have a lower fat content than most other nuts, approximately 82% of their fat is unsaturated fatty acids, plus about 66% of this unsaturated fatty acid content are heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, similar to those found in olive oil.

    They help you have a healthy heart

    Research shows that eating more nuts, such as Cashews, can lower your risk for cardiovascular disease. This may occur by reducing blood pressure and “bad” cholesterol levels. Nuts are naturally cholesterol-free and contain good amounts of heart-healthy fats, fibre, and protein.

    They're good for your eyes

    Cashew Nuts also contain high levels of lutein and zeaxanthin, which act as antioxidants when consumed regularly. A good excuse to have a few Cashews as a mid-morning snack! These compounds protect the eyes from light damage (which can turn into blindness in the elderly), and can even help decrease the instance of cataracts.

     A good all-rounder

    Cashews contain 31% of the daily recommended value for copper, along with 23% for manganese, 20% for magnesium and 17% for phosphorus, add to that 12% of the daily recommended value for vitamin K.

    In case you need any more convincing, our Cashew Nuts come in a range of flavours, so there's sure to be one that suits you and your snacking cravings! 

    Ginni Batra
    Summer Recipe Ideas You'll Definitely Want to Try

    Do you fancy fine-tuning your cooking skills this summer? If you do - this list of fun recipes might be just the place to start. We're all about healthy but delicious food over the summer - and these recipes have been keeping the hunger pangs at bay!

    Cashew Apricot White Chocolate Energy Balls

    This refreshing, fruity recipe (click here) is perfect for afternoon energy slumps, and the easy recipe steps will mean you can whip them up on a Sunday afternoon, ready for a weeks worth of snacking.

    Panettone muffins

    This Jamie Oliver recipe is a firm favourite here at Ginni's! The muffins are soft, fluffy and the perfect summer treat for weekend picnics and BBQs.

    No Bake Chia Energy Bites

    This no-bake recipe is a great option for those who either don't have an oven, or don't feel confident enough to use one! It's easy to follow, and the little snack bites are the perfect breakfast bites to give you energy for the day ahead!

    Homemade almond butter

    If you fancy trying an alternative to traditional butter, then almond butter might be just the thing for you. It's actually not too difficult to make yourself, and this recipe is really simple to follow - and the results are delicious!



    Ginni Batra