Top 5 Benefits of Nuts Revealed


Nuts are tasty, convenient and one of the healthiest natural foods out there. Although high in fat, nuts have an impressive number of benefits for overall wellbeing.

Today, we’re sharing some of the biggest benefits of eating nuts! 

1.     A great amount of nutrients – Some nuts are higher in certain nutrients than others, but a good mixture can provide vitamin E, selenium, magnesium and much more, not to mention the fact that they’re loaded with source anti-oxidants, helping to protect against problems such as cell damage and stress. 

2.     They can aid weight loss – Several studies suggest that those who incorporate eating nuts into their diets lose significantly more weight than those who don’t. This is because nuts are filling, are great at replacing more sugary snacks and their complex composition means your body doesn’t absorb all the fat they contain. 

3.     May lower cholesterol – Nuts have impressive cholesterol-lowering abilities thanks to their high content of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. 

4.     Reduce inflammation – Chronic, long-term inflammation can cause numerous health risks, but research suggests that nuts may reduce inflammation, especially in those with diabetes, kidney disease and other long-term conditions.

5.     High in fibre – The right kind of fibre has a wide range of beneficial applications in your body. Nuts, especially almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts, are particularly high in fibre, meaning better gut health, reduced risk of disease and a decrease in calorie absorption.


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