It’s time to enjoy that long awaited beer - but why do we reach for nuts and nibbles? This got us thinking about formulating the ideal snack recipe by combining taste and science, to complement the nation’s favourite beverage.

Heart health

Did you know that nuts boost good cholesterol, HDL, and lower bad cholesterol, LDL?  Combined with the blood thinning properties of alcohol, this combo of beer and nuts can help with your heart health!

Swedish researchers have also found that the fat and fibre in nuts slow down the absorption of alcohol, helping you out if you have had one too many!


Hops are added to beer which can be quite bitter.  Salt in nuts helps to balance out the bitter taste of hops.  The tannins in beer can also create a dry mouth and the natural fats in nuts help to lubricate the mouth so that you enjoy your beer.

Ginni’s Beer Nuts

So there you go, some science to back up the popular pairing of nuts and beer. 

At Ginni’s we have launched  2 beer nut products:

Ginni’s is the first to offer a top secret recipe of a spicy assortment of peanuts, toasted corn, cashews and rice crackers seasoned perfectly to pair with your beer.  So that means, spicy, salty, sweet, tangy, crunchy and nutty all in one amazing snack! 

We also offer the traditional roasted and salted beer nuts.  Perfectly roasted and salted peanuts with skins for that traditional satisfying flavour.

A combination of these tastes is also said to help boost digestion making them so incredibly more’ish. 

You can also subscribe monthly to our “Beer Time” box which has these delicious beer nuts, pork scratchings, pork crunch and biltong - happy snacking!

Simply too tasty to put down!