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For those looking to lose weight, snacking is often seen as something to avoid – unnecessary extra food that goes straight to our bellies. However, the right kind of snack can work as an effective energy boost and pick-me-up that’ll stop us from binging when mealtime finally comes around.


Ginni’s are a UK-based company who specialise in delivering a wide range of high-quality nuts and seeds, as well as other delicious snacks to the UK. Are you snacking the right way? Read on to find out.


1.     Snacks that are high in proteinprotein-rich snacks such as nuts will help you to feel fuller for longer and limit cravings throughout the day. Many studies have associated high protein food with a lessened appetite, caused by decreased levels of ghrelin, the so-called “hunger hormone”. 


2.     Don’t snack after 9pm – at night, your metabolism slows down. Eating this close to bedtime gives your body less opportunity to digest the food that’s in your stomach, meaning you’ll be more likely to gain fat. 


3.     Eliminate distractions – when you’re enjoying your food, you should be doing just that. Watching TV or playing on your phone at the same time can actually cause you to eat significantly more food than you need since you’re not actively listening to your body or savouring your meal. 


4.     Cut back on sugary drinks – Nutritionists advise that you should eat, rather than drink, the majority of your calories. This is because food contains fats and fibre that are essential to keeping hunger pangs at bay. 


5.     Clean out your junk food – replacing unhealthy junk food with more nutritious alternatives will remove temptation and help you to create better habits. Throw out your biscuits for yummy alternatives like fruits, nuts and popcorn for better grazing. 

Ginni Batra